Who Do Choose to Sell Your Car With

Have you finally decided to get rid of the eyesore? The best option is to sell it to a junk car dealer or to someone ready to take the vehicle off you. While it doesn’t seem like you have much of an option, you do have a few choices to make.

Sell Your Junk Cars for Cash


You can always run a listing on craigslist and look for buyers. Junk car dealers and car enthusiasts are always on the prowl for junk cars for parts and also to rebuild. If your car is of a sturdy build and a rare one at that, most probably it will be rebuilt and sold at a much higher rate. The issue with selling your junk car on craigslist is that not all buyers come with good intentions. If you are careless, they can low-ball the car from right under your noses.


eBay is an option for tech-savvy mechanics who know their way around a car. You would have to dismantle the car entirely yourselves and sell the parts to buyers on the internet. For this, you would have to be able to identify those that can get a resale price. Like Craigslist, selling your junk car on eBay has its own cons, including phony buyers and online payment.


Selling cars at a dealership might seem like the most viable option for you. Most of the process takes place in-person hence you do not waste your time. The condition of the car also doesn’t mater to much but the only way you are walking out with your car sold is you are driving with one of their cars out. They are there to make money off you so they will buy your car but with a condition to buy one of theirs since they will use it as “trade-in” credit.

Tips to Choose the Right Junk Car Dealership

With the number of junk car dealers in every locality, it is crucial that you choose the right one that gives you the most cash for your junk car. Keeping that in mind, here are a few tips to help you choose a reliable dealership.

Reputation is Relevant

Most junk car dealers work by building their reputation. They also tend to prefer paying the least amount for your car if possible. Ask around for a reputed dealer who doesn’t take his/her clients for granted. Do not go with the first buyer; Talk around and decide on the buyer after you’d had a couple of offers.

An Established Firm

A buyer like us who has been around for some time have a built a network of buyers. We would be able to pay you top dollar for your junk car because we find the best price for you. So, if possible, go with someone who is dedicated in giving you the maximum value.

Free Towing Service

The reason is, people are ready to get whatever they could instead of towing it back and forth again. Go for a buyer like Junk Cars for More who offers free towing service. They also send an expert along to verify the condition of the car and hand over the cash.

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