Selling Your Car With No Title

Finally, you have decided to part with your car, but the issue is the missing title. This is not a thing to be worried about since the title can be missing for several reasons, including theft, loss, or damage. Or it may be that you forgot to title the car in the first place. Whatever it is, you need a title to go forward with a sale.

Why do You Need a Title?

The title of the car is a legal document that proves the legal ownership of a vehicle. The DMV issues the title to the owner of the car, who then transfers it to the buyer when they sell it. This is especially important if you are buying a used car. This is the document that proves your possession and not stolen. Most states don’t decree that a transaction is complete without the transfer of the title.

How to Sell Your Car Without a Title

Knowing how important a car title is, you are going to be in a whole lot of trouble when you lose your title. But this is not the end. You can still sell your junk cars, no title for cash.

Here are the details on how to sell a car without a title.

Duplicate Title

It should be easy enough to get a duplicate title for your car through the DMV. You can contact your local DMV for details or visit their website. The process is simple enough and requires the documents listed below, along with the replacement fees.

  • VIN

  • Vehicle tag number

  • DMV title number

  • Copy of your driver’s license

  • Vehicle’s registration

And the condition is that the vehicle should be in your name, else you may attract legal action.

Register as Lost

You also have the option of registering your title as lost. In this case, within a few weeks at most, the DMV sends you a copy of the title by mail. But if you visit the DMV in person and do not mind the wait time, you can get one on the spot. But this generally costs you more.

Write a Bill of Sale

There is one final approach before condemning your junk car for cash, and that is with a bill of sale. A bill of sale with all the details of the vehicle, including VIN, make and model of the car, owner’s name, contact details, registration details, and finally, the buyer’s details is enough in some states. Few require you to notarize this. But the buyer might have to apply for a title at some point.


If there is no way of replacing your title for some reason, the only option you have to get rid of a junk car without a title is to contact a junkyard. They are notorious for their penny-pinching methods and expect them to quote the lowest possible price in the absence of a title.

Though they provide cash for cars, they require a title before they accept your car. Then again, this depends on the state and the dealerships.

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